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About Ilminster Chamber

Welcome to Ilminster - one of South Somerset's most thriving market towns.

It is a friendly town with an engaged business community that is comfortable with its tag line of Quality in the Countryside.

The Chamber represents the interests of all businesses in Ilminster and the surrounding area.  It has an Executive Committee of up to twelve drawn from the current membership. The names of committee members can be found in the Committee Member’s section.  The Chamber was re-formed in 1997 and is now a well-respected progressive organisation.  It works very closely with Town, District and County Councils and welcomes nominated councillors to its meetings.  This gives the Chamber the opportunity to represent the views of business directly to Local Authority representatives.  The Chamber produces a comprehensive list of businesses in the area.  In addition, it participates in a practical way in improving community facilities  and it provides community leadership on issues of vital interest to Ilminster residents where there is a significant business component.



The Chamber has three types of meeting.

The most frequent is the Executive Committee meeting which is usually held on the second Wednesday of every month. All members are invited to attend this meeting.

Various sub-committee meetings are held on an "as needed" basis throughout the year. But increasingly and we hold purely social events where members can meet to network and enjoy friendly events.



One of the Chamber's greatest achievements is the annual Victorian Evening held in conjunction with the switching on of the superb Christmas Lights display. 

This event has become a highlight of the town's festive season with thousands of people thronging the streets enjoying the friendly atmosphere. 

Shops stay open late and many shop keepers dress up in Victorian costume and dispense Christmas cheer - it is rumoured some may even be slightly alcoholic.


The Chamber also organises several other Ilminster events including providing about 50 hanging baskets to decorate the main shopping area in May.



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